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Son Dambi Comes Back Posing for an Actress in Her Latest Music Video

SEOUL, Korea, Dec 29 (Korea Bizwire) – Son Dambi, dubbed the “female Rain,” made her third digital single album “Red Candle” debut in celebration of this Christams Eve.

Son Dambi poses for an enchanting actress with a flamboyant outfit and makeup in a flood of flashlights. She is chased by a crowded of photographers shouting to take another picture of her. Then she returns to her own pitch dark cell of solitude and gazes upon herself on the mirror with vacant eyes.

Her eyes portray of a lonely woman trapped in a fancy disguise. Then she again walks into the flashlights demanding her to be unveiled to the public. Son Dambi shows how all of us put our own selves in the muddle of desires to be seen and unseen.

Son’s music video is also full of modern dance moves that add an intense and arty touch to the music video.

Son Dambi also puts her effort into acting for this song, unlike her previous success in the Korean music scene as a dance music diva. Red Candle is a song made of quite a restrained mood with a slow tempo and a hint of Bossa nova rhythm.

Now let’s have a peek at Son Dambi’s another self that had been rarely seen in her career as a dance diva.

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