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South Korea’s Concern Deepens with Shifting AI Landscape

(image: Pixabay)

(image: Pixabay)

SEOUL, April 13 (Korea Bizwire)Generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology has brought a paradigm shift in the IT industry, making it inevitable for the government to readjust its AI policy.

The data labeling project in the Digital New Deal initiative is a representative example of this shift, which is part of the Korean New Deal initiative introduced by the previous government.

Generative AI uses an artificial neural network and pre-learned data called ‘tokens’ to maximize accuracy, rendering labeling data irrelevant.

The Ministry of Science and ICT recognizes this issue and is considering adjusting the data labeling project to fit into the era of generative AI.

However, the project will not be scrapped entirely, as fine-tuned data labeling is still important in the generative AI industry.

As numerous application services are being developed in sync with Open AI’s GPT AI model, policymakers are exploring ways to support South Korea’s AI industry.

With the recent introduction of new plugin features by ChatGPT, more local startups are jumping into the development of GPT application programming interfaces (APIs) to secure competitiveness in the AI industry, deepening the government’s concerns.

Once the use of GPT reaches the mainstream, the stockpiles of labeling data collected may become useless, and data generated in South Korea may be at risk of being absorbed by Open AI.

The government is worried that changes in policies by foreign AI giants could impact the local industry.

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