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G Market Arranges for Special Gift for Delivery Workers

SEOUL, Sept. 4 (Korea Bizwire)South Korea boasts its best packages delivery service, unmatched by any other nation in the world. Korean consumers can receive goods purchased online within just a day and this speedy delivery system is largerly credited to the committed efforts made by the local delivery worker – estimated at about 45,000-strong manpower in the nation.

For the “impatient” Koreans, the delivery workers are running all day long to place any parcels in front of the door. As part of expressing gratitude for the hard-working delivery workers, G-Market, the largest open market platform in Korea, held a special event called “Delivery for Delivery Workers” and released its video clip on YouTube.

The video clip begins with the narration of “The minds of delivery workers are always busy from dawn to dusk to deliver more than 200 packages a day. On the occasion of Chuseok,(full-moon harvest festival) — one of the most hectic delivery seasons in Korea, we decided to convey our appreciation to the workers.”

Here is a story displayed in the video clip: While a delivery worker gets out of his truck and goes his way to deliver a parcel to a customer, people in green clothes rush into the truck and put a huge green ribbon around the vehicle and place running shoes on driver’s seat. Then, they wait for the worker’s getting back to the delivery truck.

On seeing the ribbon on his truck, the delivery worker is puzzled when the people in green clothes turn out in a surprise mode and show the worker comic dances, along with songs. On the video clip, responses from the delivery workers vary: from apparently being embarrassed to being excited in joy so that they dance together with the surprise visitors.

The event was arranged to give encouragement and comfort – if temporary — to the delivery workers who have to handle sharply increased parcel delivery loads in the run up to the Chuseok holidays.

Especially, G-Dragon, G-Market’s endorsement model, joined the event as a narrator. How about appreciating the heart-warming video cheering up the 45,000 delivery workers in Korea?

By Sandy P (sandypark@koreabizwire.com)

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