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Spreading “Korea’s Advanced Medical Technology” to Russia

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SEOUL, South Korea, April 11, 2014 (Korea Bizwire) –  The Korean government Korea Health Industry Development Institute announced that it has successfully completed the Russian physician training program for six months from October 1, 2013 to March 30, 2014. The trainees from Russia were selected by a Korean professor. It was their first time being trained in Korea.

This project, undertaken as a training project in line with the public health and medical cooperation agreed upon by the governments of Korea and Russia, was done to hand over Korea’s advanced medical technology to Russia so as to provide better-quality medical services to patients who suffer from cardiac disorders, which account for the highest death rate in Russia. “Cardiac surgery nowadays entails not just the service of a thoracic surgery specialist. Rather, teamwork with other departments, such as anesthesia, is important,” an officer of the Korean hospital said. “Therefore, it was extremely important to properly select trainees and form a surgery team to train above all else.”

The Russian trainees conducted a visiting surgery with the surgery team of the Republican Clinic Hospital of Russia and medical staff from Korea after completing their training at the Gangnam Severance Hospital in Korea in March. The visiting surgery in Russia enabled the trainees to participate in a surgery with Russian medical staff guided by the Korean medical staff and to apply the medical technology they learned in Korea. This provided an important opportunity to directly spread Korea’s advanced medical technology to Russia.

“Just as Korea underwent medical training in advanced countries in the past, we came to contribute to the medical development of Russia through the project,” an officer of the Korea Health Industry Development Institute said. “We will also donate our talent in Russia so that no one is marginalized from proper medical treatment,” an officer in Russia also stated after realizing the greatness of the Korean hospital staff’s 1% donation culture.

Source: KHIDI (via PRNewswire)

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