Teledyne Princeton Instruments Expands its Groundbreaking NIRvana SWIR Camera Portfolio with Unprecedented Value-for-performance Model | Be Korea-savvy

Teledyne Princeton Instruments Expands its Groundbreaking NIRvana SWIR Camera Portfolio with Unprecedented Value-for-performance Model

(image: Teledyne Princeton Instruments)

(image: Teledyne Princeton Instruments)


TRENTON, N.J., Feb. 4 (Korea Bizwire) — Princeton Instruments announces the immediate availability of its newest offering in the NIRvana® SWIR portfolio: the NIRvana HS. The NIRvana HS offers an exciting, truly innovative set of world-class performance features utilizing the advantages of the second near-infrared window (NIR-II) window to meet the increasingly diverse needs of today’s scientific, industrial, and medical communities. Building on the success of the high performance NIRvana LN (liquid nitrogen cooled) and the NIRvana 640 (super-cooled), the NIRvana HS version combines speed, flexibility, performance and value, bringing new capability to both science and industry. 

The new NIRvana HS camera provides a unique combination of features never before offered in a high performance SWIR camera. The HS runs at an amazing 250 frames per second in 16 bit mode and offers both integrate-then-read (ITR) and integrate-while-read (IWR) modes for low noise and high duty cycle. The advanced thermal design includes deep cooling to -55C and incorporates the most advanced vacuum sealed chamber to provide a lifetime of maintenance free operation. Advanced image correction ensures the camera delivers unmatched image quality. To further enhance the NIRvana HS experience, our LightField® software provides an intuitive interface and powerful analytical functions, eliminating the need for any 3rd party hardware or software.

“The NIRvana HS is one of the most exciting camera projects we have undertaken,” comments Michael Melle, imaging product manager at Princeton Instruments. “The HS has been conceived and designed based on feedback from customers who have used not only our products, but our competitors as well. It fills the void between lower cost industrial designs and super-cooled (-80° C) SWIR cameras, enabling broadly applied research and the implementation of SWIR imaging in emerging commercial applications.”

The NIRvana family of products have led to advances in many applications including astronomy, life sciences, and semiconductor fabrication. The future looks bright for imaging applications involving SWIR. Investment in nanotechnology, including quantum dots and carbon nanotubes, is driving the requirement for user-friendly, high performance cameras. In life science, in-vivo imaging and the associated requirements for higher performance NIR-II probes is opening the door for end-user and OEM opportunities.

Regardless of the application, whether fluorescence microscopy, nanomaterials, in-vivo imaging, astronomy, agriculture, or semiconductor, the NIRvana HS will deliver the performance you need to reach your goals.   

Visit the NIRvana product page for more information.

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