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TherapyLine, the Culturally Sensitive Online Therapy Service for Muslims Launches in the United States Today

(Image: Korea Bizwire)

(Image: Korea Bizwire)


DETROIT, Jul. 23 (Korea Bizwire) — TherapyLine enters the United States market today to help bring online professional Therapy to the more than 3.4 million Muslims that currently live in the country. TherapyLine is an online platform which launched in Canada a few months back that provides unlimited anonymous direct messaging therapy from professionally licensed Muslim counselors. Users can go to the site, sign up, choose a therapist then pay a monthly fee of $179 per month to receive therapy for depression, anxiety, addiction, marriage counseling etc from a Muslim Counselor all month long by text via the TherapyLine website

The United States is the first market TherapyLine enters outside of Canada and is a market that TherapyLine plans on expanding in quickly, “This is a very important market for us and although a majority of Muslims live in large metropolitan areas there are a good number of those that live in remote places where there are very little Muslims with little to no chance to be able to see a Muslim counselor,” says Founder and former fortune 500 financial analyst Faisal Khan.

Depression has been on the rise in the Muslim world over the past 10 years only to be exasperated by the 2016 elections in the US and rising xenophobia world wide. In 2016, 60% of Muslims reported some sort of discrimination based on religion which was more than every other religious group in the United States and data from Basit and Hamid shows that 43% of Muslims suffer from adjustment disorder which has lead many Muslims to seek some sort of mental support. Hotlines manned by Muslim volunteers throughout North America receive thousands of calls per year but many times are overwhelmed providing Mental Health for Muslims and Islamic Counseling which shows just how many Muslims are looking for help.

Although there are many who need help, there is also a reluctancy for Muslims to actually go and seek mental help due to the stigma attached to seeing a counselor. “Muslim Mental Health is something that is rarely addressed in the Muslim world and even considered taboo but is very important. Connecting with a Licensed Therapist who can relate to the unique circumstances, religious and cultural beliefs that only a Muslim can understand is a very important aspect of this service, that coupled with anonymity and you open up Therapy to many Muslims who would not have sought it before,” says Khan.

The first State TherapyLine will enter is Michigan than there are plans to expand to New York, Illinois and Minnesota.
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Source: Therapyline Technologies Inc. via GLOBE NEWSWIRE

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