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Transport Ministry to Test Self-driving Taxi in Seoul

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SEOUL, June 10 (Korea Bizwire)The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said Thursday it had partnered with the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Hyundai Motor Co. to test and verify Level-4 autonomous driving technology in Seoul’s downtown areas.

A Level-4 autonomous vehicle means the car can operate almost independently with little intervention or control by a human driver.

Hyundai Motor hosted the opening ceremony for testing of its Level-4 autonomous car RoboRide at Hyundai AutoEver Corp. headquarters.


The ministry and Hyundai plan to carry out testing of the self-driving vehicle in Seoul’s most notorious traffic zones in Gangnam and Seocho districts, before opening up in August for a free RoboRide service to the public.

Users will be able to make a reservation, hail a car and set their destination via a mobile application.

RoboRide is capable of autonomously changing lanes on roads with pedestrians and buses, as well as making left or right turns and u-turns.

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