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UK launch of cat litter tray liner filled with organic minerals that eliminates odours

Mar 23, 2014 (Korea Bizwire) –The Pet Business launches the ‘litter tray liner’ in the UK. The Breathe Free Litterbox Mate™ by White Cliff pet products has been very successful since its launch in the US last year; it has been tested and recommended by vets and cat lovers. The litter liner can be used for up to 30 days.

Litter tray avoidance is a common and undesirable behaviour in cats – and the number one reason frustrated owners surrender their cats to rescue centres. Research has shown that the choice of cat litter products may have played a major role in their cats’ behaviour. Scientific evidence shows felines do not like the smell of the harsh perfumes and chemicals found in popular cat litter brands. Furthermore, a smelly, unkempt litter box may drive cats away to soil elsewhere indoors.

The Litter tray liner has been developed to eliminate the odour from litter trays.They are filled with a natural organic mineral that absorbs moisture and ammonia gases, in turn neutralising and eliminating litter tray smells.

There are no harsh perfumes. No pine pellets. No crystals. The Breathe Free Litterbox Mate™ is 100% natural.

Simply adhere a litter tray liner to the bottom of a clean litter box, and pour standard clumping litter on top. The litter pad immediately goes to work, absorbing odours and gases for up to 30 days.

After a 30-day cycle, the pads can be snipped open, and its minerals released over lawns, gardens, and shrubs. Breathe Free Litterbox Mate™ has a neutral pH of approximately 7.5.  Nitrogen from the ammonia is then gradually released into the soil. Nitrogen produces lush, vigorous plants and grass.

The Litter tray liner has been a huge success in the US and is also endorsed by some of the Nation’s leading national magazine editors.

“I even went a full day without scooping to see if there was any difference in how powerful this pad was – and it still pulled through with no stink!” says Lauren Hubbard, MediaPlanet USA.

“I tested the Breathe Free Litterbox Mate™ side by side with a second box using the high priced ‘odour reducing’ litter.  The ‘inexpensive’ sandy litter box was the box of choice and the pad eliminated all odours from urine and faeces.  It also helped stop some inappropriate urination and elimination,” says Dr. Warren “Buzz” Newman, a Boston -based veterinarian.

“I don’t ever want to be without the litter mate pads, now that I have seen how wonderfully they work,” says Linda Glenn, a Breathe Free Litterbox Mate™ customer and cat owner.

The litter tray liners are now available in the UK from The Pet Business.

Source: The Pet Business via PR Web

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