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Virtual Reality Videogames Come to Internet Café

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SEOUL, Feb. 15 (Korea Bizwire) – A new PC bang, an internet café for playing computer games, has opened in Hongdae, a trendy business district in Seoul popular with young people. But this new establishment has a unique hi-tech way of separating itself from its competitors – it features virtual reality games. 

VRIZ is the name of this VR café, which was established as a partnership between PC maker Jooyon Tech Co. and YJM Games. Although there have been other entertainment facilities offering virtual reality experiences, they struggled to make a significant impact due to a lack of VR content. 

The separate VR game rooms located inside the café are equipped with 70-inch monitors and high-quality HTC Vive headsets. So far, there are two games available to play – Raw Data and Kart Chase – both of which enjoyed global success on Steam, a digital distribution platform. Officials plan to introduce seven or eight additional VR games during the first half of the year. 

The rates, however, are much more expensive than typical PC bangs, at 10,000 won ($8.76) for 30 minutes and 18,000 won for an hour of gameplay.

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