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Wildlife Struggles amid Breeding Season

An injured kestrel (image: Wildlife Center of Chungbuk)

An injured kestrel (image: Wildlife Center of Chungbuk)

CHEONGJU, July 28 (Korea Bizwire)With wild animals entering their breeding season between May and July, young offspring are getting lost or hurt in accidents in downtown or residential areas due to various development projects and the destruction of their habitat.

The Wildlife Center of Chungbuk reported that 670 out of 881 wild animals rescued this year came after the start of the breeding season in May.

Among them, 412 were young animals born this year.

Birds like kestrels, goshawks and ducks often run into windows or other glass or get trapped inside buildings.

Young raccoons and water deer have been rescued after getting lost and separated from their parents.

Experts argue, however, that the young should not be rescued every time they are found alone.

It is likely that they are waiting for their parents, and should be left alone unless they seem to be facing imminent danger.

“The young don’t always stay by their parents,” the center said. “Most of the cases involve parents going hunting. If people start to approach the young, the parents will forgo hunting to stay by their young.”

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