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Yesterday’s Internet Today’s Blockchain

(image: Mars Digital Asset Bank)

(image: Mars Digital Asset Bank)


HONG KONG, CHINA, Oct. 4 (Korea Bizwire) – According to Cryptoglobe report, the former Citigroup financial analyst Rohit Kulkarni believes that blockchain technology has created “massive damage” to the payment industry with a market size of $100 trillion. By analyzing the “intersections” between venture capital, initial public offering (IPO) markets and emerging financial technologies, Kulkarni said that the “dominant position” of traditional financial institutions is becoming “very unstable”. New technologies and applications such as blockchain are profoundly changing the global financial order, and the importance of technology for financial innovation and financial stability is becoming increasingly significant.

Mars Digital Asset Bank is established and registered in Colorado, USA. Blockchain digital asset finance, digital currency pledge, digital currency trading leverage, capitalized digital currency trading, and digital currency asset management are provided users with a full range of professional and superior financial services.

The financial business provided by Mars Digital Asset Bank has truly realized the higher financial needs for digital asset holders, realizing the optimal allocation of digital asset resources, and promoting the development of digital asset industry. Simply speaking, for ordinary investment users, Mars Digital Asset Bank can provide better and easier way to help customers manage their digital currency assets. For experienced investment users, the pledged fundraising business model can make the digital currency flow better and solve the short-term difficulties of funds, to achieve higher and longer-term benefits.

As an innovative financial ecosystem, Mars Digital Asset Bank is expected to have over 300,000 registered users, business profit of USD 18.65 million and net profit of USD 7.92 million by the end of 2018. Calculated as per 15 times the bank’s PE rate, the estimated value of Mars Digital Asset Bank is about USD 119 million. In response to capital requirements on technical security, global promotion, team building, license applying and provisions for banking turnover, Mars Digital Asset Bank plans to release 8% of its total shares to raise USD 9.5 million in the first phase of offering. With the upgrade of the blockchain technology, Mars Digital Asset Bank will embrace more new business models and enjoy a promising future.

Please click the link here( to learn more about us. Prior to decision making, investors are kindly requested to carefully read the Prospectus.

Contact person: Timothy wang
Phone: 0086-13823289945
City: Seoul, Hong Kong

Source: Mars Digital Asset Bank via Media OutReach

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