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Army to Introduce Modern Laundry Facilities

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SEOUL, Jan. 19 (Korea Bizwire)Military bases across the country will soon have laundry rooms with modern appliances.

The Army announced Monday the introduction of laundry rooms at barracks, equipped with cutting-edge laundry machines and lounges.

It will set up and operate laundry rooms at five different locations until Jan. 31 before additional rooms are introduced to a total of 24 military units including the nine divisions on the front lines.


Previously, military laundry rooms were found in bathrooms or washrooms, and were less convenient due to a lack of space.

For each company, eight high-capacity commercial washing machines and dryers were set up to allow every 10 service members to have access to one machine. Each platoon was assigned four washing machines and dryers.

All of the new appliances can be used free of charge.

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