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Seoul City Develops Parking Fare Discount System for EVs

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SEOUL, March 28 (Korea Bizwire)The Seoul Metropolitan Government has announced the development of a new system that uses closed-circuit cameras to offer parking discounts to drivers of electric vehicle (EVs) by automatically detecting batteries.

The system uses CCTV cameras installed at EV charging stations to monitor how long the vehicles are plugged in for and compare this time with the charging data from the parking lot system to come up with a discount automatically.

In accordance with the city ordinance, Seoul has been offering parking discounts or fee exemptions for EVs using exclusive parking zones within public parking lots.


Previously, parking fare discounts were offered based on CCTV cameras detecting the plate number at the parking lot entrance and checking the driver’s EV charging card when the car leaves the parking lot.

This method, however, was less accurate in determining whether the EV’s parking time matched the charging time, creating problems like parking without charging or drivers refusing to move their car out even after it was fully charged.

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