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Barbie Doll Manufacturer Plans to Release Official BTS Dolls


SEOUL, Jan. 9 (Korea Bizwire)Mattel Inc., an American multinational toy manufacturing company famous for its Barbie dolls, plans to develop new dolls designed after BTS, an internationally acclaimed boy band from South Korea.

The company tweeted on Sunday that it is going to bring “official BTS dolls to millions around the world.”

Mattel signed a licensing contract with Big Hit Entertainment, the management company representing BTS, to release official BTS dolls, figures, games, and other products.

The new dolls will be designed after the seven members of BTS appearing in the music video of the song IDOL, scheduled for release this summer. Each doll will cost US$19.99.

“BTS is a phenomenon of pop culture that goes beyond age, culture, and language,” said Mattel. “The new deal will allow Mattel to provide new channels for millions around the world to connect with BTS.”

Mattel’s shares jumped by almost 9 percent following the new announcement.

one direction

While the ARMY, the official BTS fan club, welcomed the initiative, many raised concerns about the dolls not being similar to each of the BTS members, based on the precedents where another company’s dolls designed after One Direction and other famous singers were notorious for their poor resemblance.

Forbes reported that unofficial BTS dolls are currently being sold for US$20 to US$100 online and are very popular among fans.

BTS topped Billboard Charts twice in a row last year, selling 603,307 albums in the United States.

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