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“Bookmac” App for Book Worms Launched


By using Bookmac, users can enjoy more user-friendly and convenient services. (image: StarNation Inc., )

SEOUL, Korea, Nov 12 (Korea Bizwire) – StarNation Inc., a tech start-up, said on November 8 that it has launched a new Android-edition app “Bookmac” following the earlier introduction of the desktop version. Bookmac is a so-called a “book curation” app. The user can register for the service and pick and choose categories of books that she likes. Then the app makes recommendations based on the user’s interest. In addition, it allows sharing of information with friends on the social network.

The app also allows the user to follow books that her friends are reading. In addition to the basic information on the book, the app shows all information such as web documents, videos, and bulletin boards related to the book. At a bookstore, the user can scan the barcode of a book with the app and find out a wealth of information on the given book.

Park Kyung-hoon, president of StarNation who developed the Bookmac app, said, “This is a great app both for readers and book publishers. With this app, more good books that have languished in obscurity can see the light of day.”

The features of Bookmac are as follows:

Book Curation: Makes recommendations based on the user’s interest settings and allows the user to collect books of interest in “My Library”

My Library: In addition to books that the user is interested, things like related web documents, videos, and bulletin board information can be stored

Social Networking: With this feature, users can make friends with similar book interest

Available Both in Mobile and Desktop: The app is interlinked between mobile and web, meaning settings made in one space can be retained in another.

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