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British University Opens Korean Language Course Starring BTS


SEOUL, March 5 (Korea Bizwire)The Korea Foundation has opened a new Korean language course at an university in Britain that uses the latest curriculum “Learn Korean with BTS” gaining massive popularity.

The University of Sheffield’s Korean language course boasts 40 years of history. There are currently 130 students enrolled in the Korean language department, surpassing those majoring in Japanese or Chinese studies in number.

The language course, opened for this year’s spring semester, was to be reduced in size due to the coronavirus that shut down the school campus.


However, the school ended up expanding the course to three classes after the number of registrations spiked. Students who received the curriculum posted photos on social media, heating up the fervor for Korean language.

“It’s not just undergraduates, but graduate school students too who come to take the language course.” said Lee Se-ri, a Korean professor at the University of Sheffield.

“Even students from the medical school would split their time schedule to come to our class.”

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