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BTS’ Suga Recommends Dangjin Seashore as Tourist Destination


DANGJIN, April 18 (Korea Bizwire)The seashore of the coastal city of Dangjin, 123 kilometers southwest of Seoul, is gaining attention after BTS member Suga recommended it as his favorite tourist destination ahead of the release of his new album.

In a recently uploaded YouTube video, Suga discussed his preference for the beach over the mountains and recommended the western city, where he stayed for three days while producing his album.

Dangjin boasts several popular tourist destinations that Suga recommended, including Waemok Village and Nanji Island.


Waemok Village is known for its beautiful sunsets and sunrises and has been selected by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries for its beauty.

Nanji Island is home to orchids and gromwells, and its sandy beaches and shallow seas make it perfect for swimming.

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