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Buddhist-Inspired Lotus Sweet Red Bean Bread Launched to Celebrate Buddha’s Birthday

lotus bread

SEOUL, May 23 (Korea Bizwire) — On Tuesday, Shinsegae Foods announced the launch of their new product, the Lotus Sweet Red Bean Bread, which is made entirely from plant-based ingredients, excluding milk, eggs, or butter. This launch coincides with the celebration of Buddha’s birthday.

lotusDeveloped in collaboration with temple food experts, this delightful bread is uniquely colored using zinnia powder and lotus leaf powder. The delectable filling consists of red beans, adding a delightful taste to the overall experience.

The lotus flower holds great significance within Buddhism, ingrained deeply in our collective consciousness. Just as the lily is closely associated with Christianity, the lotus has become inseparable from Buddhism, embodying its essence.


Symbolically, the lotus flower aligns with Buddhist principles, exemplifying its values. It blooms with purity and clarity, even amidst the muddy environment of a swamp or pond, demonstrating resilience. Furthermore, it bears fruit while exuding a noble quality.

lotus flower

Overall, Shinsegae Foods’ Lotus Sweet Red Bean Bread not only captures the essence of Buddhism but also delivers a unique culinary experience, crafted with care and expertise.


Image credit: Shinsegae Food, Pixabay / photonews@koreabizwire.com

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