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Samsung Introduces ‘JET SET GO Challenge’ to Make Family Cleaning Fun with BESPOKE Jet™ AI

SEOUL, Oct. 16 (Korea Bizwire) – Samsung Electronics has introduced the “JET SET GO Challenge” to make cleaning enjoyable for the whole family using their BESPOKE Jet™ AI cordless stick vacuum cleaner.

This challenge marks the launch of the Jet Vacuum Cleaner toy, a collaborative project with the popular character Pororo to teach kids good cleaning habits.

jet set go -01

The name “JET SET GO” indicates that Samsung’s BESPOKE Jet™ AI and the Jet Cleaner Toy SET will be available together to consumers.

The ‘Jet Vacuum Cleaner Toy’ is made to look like the BESPOKE Jet™ AI on the outside. It has a clear dustbin for easy visibility and a self-emptying dust station. It also includes floor and crevice brushes for realistic cleaning play, adaptable to various situations.

jet set go -000

Pressing the power button activates the “Jet Song,” a catchy tune by Pororo, adding fun to the cleaning experience for kids.

This challenge is open to current Bispoke Jet AI users, new buyers of the high-temperature cleaning brush, and those in need of Bispoke Jet AI.

bespoke jet ai

Dr. Noh Kyu-sik, a psychiatrist and brain science expert, mentions, “Organizing and cleaning can help children develop organizational habits and promote brain development in early childhood. Through self-organization and cleaning, children can nurture independence and creativity.”

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