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CARE Launches “Pet Etiquette” Classes

(image: CARE)

(image: CARE)

SEOUL, May 22 (Korea Bizwire)CARE, a local animal rights advocacy group, revealed yesterday that it has initiated “pet etiquette” classes at primary schools as part of efforts to cultivate a healthy pet culture in South Korean society.

CARE dispatched a team composed of two expert lecturers and one rescue dog to each 4th grade classroom at Yangpyeong Primary School in Gyeonggi Province last Tuesday.

The classes lasted 40 minutes, during which 200 students were able to interact with the helper dogs, giving them a sense of the reality of having a pet.

The animal rights group plans to expand the etiquette classes to other primary schools and introduce other programs targeting future pet owners.

Such efforts, according to CARE, will help to minimize conflicts that arise between pet owners and non-owners.

Lina Jang (

(image: CARE)

(image: CARE)

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