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CGV Introduces ‘Untact’ Cinema


SEOUL, April 21 (Korea Bizwire)As demand for social distancing is expanding, a local movie theater has started to offer ‘untact’ screening services.

CJ CGV, South Korea’s largest multiplex cinema chain, announced Monday that the new ‘untact cinema’ will open at the Yeouido franchise.

Pick-up boxes at the theater, replacing convenience stores, allow customers to pick up goods purchased at a kiosk or through CGV’s fast order application.

Customers can receive their purchased goods by scanning a QR code printed on the receipt at the pick-up box, and knocking on a door made of transparent LED screen will prompt the staff to deliver the item.


A smart check system has been set up at each entrance to the theater. Instead of having the staff check tickets, customers can scan their tickets on the system to enter.

Checkbots, 150-centimeter tall machines with an appealing design, are self-driving robots that replace staff members to offer customers information on various events and movie schedules as well the location of each theater room and restrooms.

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