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Consumers Rush to Matchmaking Agencies amid Coronavirus Pandemic


SEOUL, Sept. 14 (Korea Bizwire)Revenues of matchmaking businesses are on the rise as the more consumers are returning to use the service again.

Less chance to meet people naturally due to the pandemic is assumed to have prompted more people to turn to matchmaking services.

Compared to last year, Duo, a local matchmaking agency, saw its first quarter client numbers drop by 28 percent this year. The company, however, did better in the second quarter, expecting a 15 percent jump by the third quarter.

“Inquiries for service subscription have increased by 24 percent since August of last year before the coronavirus broke out,” official sources said.


“The number of inquiries was initially low, possibly due to the fear created by the coronavirus. But soon, demand for ‘untact’ counseling services via the phone jumped, replacing previous offline appointments,” said Gayeon, Duo’s competitor.

Some singles struggling with the pandemic feel pushed to find peace of mind through marriage.

A local office worker who did not think about marriage in the pre-coronavirus era said, “Marriage has become an enticing choice to overcome the coronavirus.”

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