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S. Korean Dried Persimmons Gaining Attention as Local Delicacy


HAMYANG, Jan. 7 (Korea Bizwire)Hamyang dried persimmons, which were especially loved by King Gojong, the last monarch of Korea’s Joseon Dynasty, were treated as precious dried persimmons along with Sangju dried persimmons.

When making dried persimmons, one must pick and peel off the skin before the fruit is ripe. Dried persimmons are characterized by a sweet taste and a chewy texture.

Dried persimmons, which were a typical winter food, were excellent nutritious snacks in the old days when there were few snack options.

Dried persimmons are said to have a rich voice in oriental medicine, and are effective in reducing coughing and the buildup of phlegm. In addition, they are also good for children’s diarrhea.


Hamyang County, South Gyeongsang Province, said Monday that revenue from sales of agricultural products and tourists also increased during the Hamyang Dried Persimmon Festival held from January 2 to 5.

Revenue from sales of dried persimmons, apples and onions nearly doubled to 1.12 billion won (US$960,550) this year from 619 million won last year.

The number of tourists reached 87,000, up 33 percent from 65,000 last year.

The county has been hosting the dried persimmons festival early in the new year since 2017 in a bid to publicize the excellence of dried persimmons.

Image Credit: Hamyang County Office / photonews@koreabizwire.com

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