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Convenience Stores New Barometers for Food Trends

CU's Kielbasa Platter. (image: CU)

CU’s Kielbasa Platter. (image: CU)

SEOUL, Jan. 15 (Korea Bizwire)Convenience stores are rising as a new platform where food products spotlighted on social media or television programs make their first debut.

CU, a major convenience store chain, showcased its Kielbasa Platter that comes with a Polish Kielbasa sausage that recently went viral on social media.

The dish gained popularity after Hwasa, a member of the K-Pop girl band Mamamoo, appeared on MBC TV’s weekly variety show “I Live Alone” preparing the Polish platter.

Its juicy flavor, and the unique sound the sausage makes when chewed has inspired many YouTubers to use it for their meokbang, or eating shows.

As such, convenience stores are rising as a durable platform that leads major trends in the food industry.

They have also introduced a variety of lunch boxes and kimbap (rice rolls) products seasoned with mala sauce as well as pork cutlets packed with cheese after they gained massive popularity online.

Convenience stores working as barometers of local food trends are based on their role of introducing a variety of food products reflecting customer demands every week.

They introduce more than 30 kinds of new food products each month to closely follow the food trends that are constantly changing.

Aside from steady sellers, food products dependent on trendiness are regularly replaced with new ones based on customer feedback and online trends.

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