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Coronavirus Screening Centers Evolve to Cope with Summer Heat


INCHEON, Aug. 12 (Korea Bizwire)As the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage on, the introduction of newer models of screening centers is expanding across the country.

Bupyeong-Gu Public Health Center in Incheon began operation of a so-called ‘untact’ (contactless) screening center last Monday, built on the grounds of the center with a steel frame construction.

In the new screening center, acrylic walls separate the medical staff from examinees, allowing the staff to take off their Level D protective suits that are too hot for summer’s scorching heat.

In addition, a pass box installed on the glove walls helps minimize physical contact between the staff and the examinee.

Specially designed screening chambers and epidemiological labs have also been added to allow persons with disabilities to be screened with ease.


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