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Cosmetics Firms Investing in Microbiome Research

(image: Korea Bizwire)

(image: Korea Bizwire)

SEOUL, June 23 (Korea Bizwire)Cosmetics manufacturers are scrambling to study microbiomes after the recent discovery that they have outstanding anti-aging qualities.

The term microbiome is a combination of the words ‘microbe’ and ‘biome’, and refers to the microorganisms living in the human body, as well as their genetic information.

South Korean cosmetics maker Cosmax Inc. recently joined hands with Dankook University to open the Microbiome Platform Research Institute.

The center rounded up 1,000 applicants to participate in a skin gene analysis, sorting data by age, gender, and region to build an artificial intelligence (AI) platform for data analysis.

Kolmar Korea Co. also established its Microbiome Research Institute in August last year to discover new microbiome-related substances.

Cosmetics giant Amorepacific Group signed an agreement with local healthcare firm HEM Pharma last April to speed up research on skin microbiomes using lactic acid bacteria from green tea.

Global microbiome market will grow 7.6 percent on an annual basis to reach US$108.7 billion by 2023, according to market research firm Frost & Sullivan.

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