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COVID-19 Prompts Drive-through, IT Innovations

The drive-through craze is expanding into the connected car business. (image: OWiN)

The drive-through craze is expanding into the connected car business. (image: OWiN)

SEOUL, April 27 (Korea Bizwire) As the novel coronavirus pandemic drags on, so-called ‘untact’ technology is garnering attention around the world.

Among the new innovations, drive-through services, which allow people to shop while remaining in the comfort of their own cars, have seen significant interest as they can reduce the risk of infection.

Recently, various services combined with information technology have emerged, drawing attention.

Starting with COVID-19 selective screening clinics, drive-through is spreading to services such as gas stations, sales of agricultural products, book and toy rentals, and food and beverage sales.

Now drive-through is becoming a normal part of daily life.

The use of drive-through services were initially the domain of coffee and fast food companies, but they have now begun to be widely applied in various fields since the outbreak of the coronavirus

The drive-through craze is expanding into the connected car business.

Connected car platform provider OWiN offers a one-stop service with a single mobile app that allows customers to compare prices at nearby gas stations, and make an appointment at a gas station to fill up the tank and make payments.

The company is planning to expand its drive-through service from gas to food and beverages with a single mobile app.

Under OWiN’s new service, a driver orders and pays in advance with the app, and when the driver arrives in front of the store at the promised time, the clerk delivers the pre-prepared food and beverage through the car window.

A Seoul-headquartered startup is expected to pave the way for the commercialization of drive-through services with car commerce technology and simple payment solutions for car pay.

“If small business owners, as well as large franchise stores, introduce drive-through solutions to expand non-face-to-face sales, it will greatly help revive the local economy, which has been stagnant with the outbreak of COVID-19,” said Shin Sung-chul, CEO of OWiN.

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