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CryptoPositive LLC to Leverage Crypto Currency for Charitable Contributions

(image: Crypto Positive Inc.)

(image: Crypto Positive Inc.)


WASHINGTON, March 25 (Korea Bizwire) — In January 2022, with a collective passion for philanthropy from the core team of Rematic, the RMTX Chief Hype Officer (CHO) Ricky, aka Ricky Ticky Timbo, started a movement with a tweet. The now CPTX Project Chief Energy Officer (CEO) sparked a vision to create a fully self-sustained charitable crypto project, and two months later, CPO and CPTX were born. The token, CPTX on the Binance Smart Chain, is meant to reward its holders and serve as a contribution source to its non-profit brother, CryptoPositive Inc., a 501(c)3 registered in Delaware. What started as a tweet using the #CryptoPositive back in January of 2022, has transformed into a full-throttle mission to provide goodwill and charity to all in need.

Ricky will assume the role of CEO for Crypto Positive LLC to head the CPTX token project. The first-ever crypto Chief Hype Officer of Rematic will also serve as the Interim CEO for CryptoPositive Inc. Ricky received his BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and Finance. He has 20+ years of experience working in multiple industries, including the Aerospace and Medical Device Manufacturing sectors, having worked with prominent names such as Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Alcoa. With a strong background in operations, international business, negotiation, and marketing, he will be instrumental in creating and executing all strategies that promote positive company growth. Ricky plans to fully dox himself once $1,000,000 in charity is distributed by CPO.

Alongside him will be CPTX COO Raymond Cardenas. Coming from humble beginnings, Ray did not follow the traditional route to success. Working in nearly every industry, finding failure and success, he made his way into sales, excelling quickly, developing, and executing sales and marketing strategies for small-sized SaaS companies. He then transitioned into sales and financing for automotive dealerships. 

Crypto Positive LLC (CPTX) and CryptoPositive Inc. (CPO) will both operate under the same beliefs as Rematic Tokens LLC (RMTX), “Business first, token second.” Aiding individuals and fellow non-profits will always be the main focus and, as such, CPO will look to establish a full Board of Directors comprised of crypto project executives and experienced individuals immediately after the launch of $CPTX Token. 

Once in place, the bulk structuring of CPO will begin, the goal being to have a fully functioning organization ready to disperse contributions to anywhere in the world to those in need.

“Let’s improve the world, one donation at a time.”

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