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Eco-friendly Wando Bananas to Hit Market Next Year


WANDO, Dec. 14 (Korea Bizwire)South Jeolla Province will be producing its first bananas next year.

Wando Agricultural Research and Extension Services and the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation joined hands to create a banana farm on 2,000 square meters of land.

Wando County, located on the southernmost tip of the Korean peninsula, is warmer in the winter and offers cost savings when it comes to keeping greenhouses warm, and as such is perfect for the cultivation of subtropical fruits and crops.

In February, the county selected farmers to grow bananas and set up the greenhouses, planting 450 banana trees in October.

The greenhouses will maintain a temperature of 22 degrees Celsius at all times, allowing bananas to be grown and harvested within a single year.


Imported bananas take more than a month to enter South Korea, requiring long hours of transportation as well as chemical processing for quarantine.

Korean bananas cost twice as much as imported bananas, but their freshness and safety make them a competitive choice.

Image Credit: Wando County Office / Yonhap /

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