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Fashion Labels Expand Business to Shoes, Lifestyle

LI+COM shoes by fashion group Hyungji. (image: Hyungji)

LI+COM shoes by fashion group Hyungji. (image: Hyungji)

SEOUL, Apr. 30 (Korea Bizwire)Fashion labels are expanding their business to cater to the changing lifestyles of their customers and are reaping success, the companies said Monday.

Fashion group Hyungji is getting ready to launch a new line of sneakers under its golfwear brand Castelbajac in the first half of this year. It is also planning new lines of shoes from other company labels to specifically target women in their 30s to 50s.

The company said its LI+COM series of shoes, marketed last month, were getting a good respons

“We set up a new business department of expertise to follow the current trend of fashionwear, making total lifestyle recommendations, such as shoes and accessories,” an official at Hyungji said. “We see big growth opportunities in shoes that have style and function that fit the lifestyle of women in their 30s to 50s who are active and enjoy their spare time.”

Sejung, which owns men’s brand Wellmade, said its shoe sales in March increased 105 percent compared to a year ago. The company sold shoes at 120 of its stores last year, up from 70 the previous year, and added variety by offering not just formal shoes for suits but casual footwear too.

The strategy resulted in a sales increase of 180 percent in shoes to 1.4 billion won (US$1.3 million), according to the company, who set a goal of 4 billion won for shoe sales this year.

Mandarina Duck, an Italian brand, started selling T-shirts last year and added hats and shoes to its products to make itself a total fashion label.

Roa & Jane, which makes clothes for children, launched a new brand called “From 3,” offering blankets, pillows, cushion, diaper bags and other lifestyle items.

Sekanskeen, which began trading in 2010 and sells seamless underwear, extended its business to home accessories and decor with its new brand Sekanroom.

“We intend to enlarge our category as a total lifestyle brand by launching a new home brand line that highlights comfort,” Yeo Ji-yoon, head of marketing strategy at Sekanskeen, said. “We will study brand innovation plans once the new business settles in.”


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