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Filming Location of ‘Fight for My Way’, Offers a Starlit Romantic Nightscape

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BUSAN, Jan. 23 (Korea Bizwire)On Tuesday, there was a special opening ceremony at the Hocheon Cultural Platform in Hocheon Village, Busan.

Hocheon Village is located at the end of Sanboak Road and offers a taste of traditional Korea. However, it is more known as a filming location for KBS drama “Fight for My Way”.

In the drama, the characters would often get together at ‘Namil’ bar to talk away their youth, which can now be enjoyed by everyone at the new filming location.


There are also photo zones with scenes from the drama.

The village offers small fun for visitors with activities such as hanging soju bottles to wish on.

Hocheon Village overlooks the Busan Port and was a popular destination for photographers. As it had terrible traffic, few tourists visited.

However, starting two years ago, tourists in their 20s and 30s as well as tourists from China, Japan, and Southeast Asia have been taking taxis and buses to visit the village to see the film set.


‘Namil’ bar is actually a cultural platform for local residents and local writers.

Seeing such popularity, the city decided to let the world know what a great place Hocheon Village is.

The city of Busan opened its coffers to recreate the bar and created a promotional video by using creators from different countries.

Image Credit: Hocheon Village Resident’s Council /

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