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For Dal Shabet, Longevity by Itself a Feat

Girl group Dal Shabet. (Image : Yonhap)

Girl group Dal Shabet. (Image : Yonhap)

SEOUL, Jan. 5 (Korea Bizwire)Five years since debuting, Dal Shabet still hasn’t seen the limelight such as that of Girls’ Generations. But five years is still a long time, its members said Tuesday as they released their ninth mini album “Naturalness.”

“So many people have asked us why we still haven’t made it big,” member Subin said.

“But I’m proud that we’ve been able to push through such negativity for five years. I think it’s already impressive that we’ve been able to create albums and perform for such a long time.”

The quartet, down two members since Kaeun and Jiyul left last month, had timed the release date to match their fifth anniversary.

When asked if they felt any difference since the two left, Serri said “We’d be lying if we said no.”

“But all six of us have talked it through for a long time and we’ve decided to cheer Jiyul and Kaeun on in their separate dreams,” she said. “We still hold year-end parties together. We’re trying our best not to feel their gap.”

The title song “Someone like U” is a dance track inspired by 1980s and 90s. It’s the group’s first collaboration with the rapper Brave Brothers and portrays a broken relationship.

Some tracks are done solo by individual members, and Subin composed and wrote the lyrics for two songs, including “From Head to Toe.”


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