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Former Google Executive Joins Nominum Board of Directors

(image: Nominum)

(image: Nominum)


REDWOOD CITY, CA, May 16 (Korea Bizwire)Nominum™, the DNS innovation leader and first company to leverage DNS to create an extensible platform and suite of integrated applications that accelerate digital transformation for communication service providers (CSPs), announced today that Kevin Lo, former General Manager of Google Fiber, has joined the company’s board of directors.

Bringing deep expertise in the telecom and broadband services industry, Lo joins Nominum at a time when global market adoption of the company’s N2™ platform and application suite is rapidly growing. N2 leverages Nominum’s innovative DNS software and unique data science assets to forge a clear path for CSPs to accelerate digital transformation with solutions that enhance their subscribers’ online experience.

“With respect to digital transformation, an interesting paradox has existed for CSPs,” said Gary Messiana, Nominum CEO. “Great demand was placed on their networks by over-the-top players, forcing them to focus their efforts on network infrastructure projects at the expense of their own digital offerings. Market demands forced them to enable this shift while they anxiously watched from the sidelines. Now, the tide has turned. The capacity and cost efficiencies that providers have built into their networks are allowing them to refocus and get in front of the digital transformation imperative. Kevin’s experience working at global scale as the co-founder of Google Fiber, and his deep understanding of the telecom industry, will be a tremendous asset to Nominum as we rapidly grow our N2 business to enable this shift and reverse the digital transformation paradox,” added Messiana.

“The next chapter of the Internet will be built on better services and experiences for subscribers. Nominum helps global telecoms to compete in this rapidly evolving world,” said Lo. “I’m excited to join Nominum’s board of directors and contribute to the success of a company that’s already a disruptive force in the telecom industry with deployments in over 40 countries.”

Lo is replacing Paul Mockapetris on the board. “We are extremely grateful to Paul for his contributions to Nominum over the years and wish him the best in his new pursuits. Looking forward, Kevin’s vast experience, including building out Google Fiber, is instrumental to our board as we fulfill worldwide demand for our N2 platform and application suite and add to our client list of more than 100 of the largest CSPs in over 40 countries,” said Messiana.

Lo co-founded Google Fiber, where he managed all day-to-day product and business operations, and executed a successful go-to-market strategy that contributed to the advancement of the U.S. telecom industry. Prior to that, he was COO and General Manager for M2Z Networks.

About Nominum
Nominum™ is the world’s first company to create an integrated suite of DNS-based, subscriber-centric applications to digitally transform service providers and personalize the online subscriber experience.

Nominum N2™ solutions leverage the company’s market-leading Vantio™ DNS software and expert team of data scientists to forge a clear path for service providers to move beyond a network-centric approach to a value proposition that is subscriber-centric and highly differentiated. N2 provides an extensible network services framework that synchronizes digital capabilities with people, processes and systems across the organization to deliver personalized solutions that enhance subscriber value and brand loyalty, fuel revenue growth and bolster competitive advantage.

Nominum is a global software company headquartered in Redwood City, California. Service providers in over 40 countries trust Nominum to enable a safer, more personalized Internet experience and promote greater value to subscribers. Nominum DNS software resolves 1.6 trillion queries around the globe each day — roughly 100 times more transactions than the combined daily volume of tweets, likes, and searches taking place on major web properties. For more information, please visit


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