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Girl’s Day Volunteers for Children in Cambodia

Girl's Day members volunteering in Cambodia (Image : DreamT Entertainment)

Girl’s Day members volunteering in Cambodia (Image : DreamT Entertainment)

SEOUL, Feb. 17 (Korea Bizwire)South Korean girl group Girl’s Day has volunteered at a school in Cambodia to empower impoverished children, its agency said Wednesday.

The four-member act recently visited a school in Siem Reap of northwestern Cambodia as an honorary ambassador of Plan Korea, the South Korean branch of the international children’s NGO, Plan International, DreamT Entertainment said.

Girl’s Day held art and music workshops, encouraging children to visualize their dreams by drawing on eco bags, the agency said, adding the children had never been taught art or music at school.

The group also provided an English dictionary, a notebook and a bicycle to a girl who said her dream was to become an English teacher.

Girl’s Day was appointed an honorary ambassador for the campaign called “Because I Am a Girl” organized by Plan Korea in 2013. The campaign aims to empower girls in developing countries where they are often discriminated against and lack access to education and legal protection.

“Children without dreams are without futures,” Girl’s Day was quoted as saying by DreamT Entertainment. “We hope we provided an opportunity for children to think about their dreams and learn how to work towards them during our brief time together.”


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