Give over $100,000 to community nonprofits. Submit your nomination now through the Giving With Purpose Grant App. | Be Korea-savvy

Give over $100,000 to community nonprofits. Submit your nomination now through the Giving With Purpose Grant App.

BOSTON, Mar 31, 2014 (Korea Bizwire) - The Learning  by Giving Foundation and Northeastern  University are now accepting nominations for nonprofit organizations  to receive grants through the massive open online course (MOOC) Giving  With Purpose. Nominations may be submitted by anyone over the age of  13. Simply sign up to take the course on  and then use your same email address to register on our Grant  App using code JD889SHJFS.

The Learning by Giving Foundation and Northeastern University have  created the Grant  App, an online tool that allows students to review each other’s  nominations and collectively decide how to award grants. Over $100,000  will be awarded at the end of the course. Students must live within 100  miles of the organizations they nominate. The course is open to anyone  in the world, but only U.S. nonprofits are eligible for grants.

The course teaches students how to identify high-performing nonprofit  organizations with help from well known philanthropists Warren Buffett,  Doris Buffett, Cal Ripken, Jr., Soledad O’Brien, Tom Werner, Ben Cohen  and Jerry Greenfield (Ben & Jerry), and Patrick Dempsey.

Participants from the first offering of Giving With Purpose awarded  $130,000 to 40 nonprofits across the U.S. Jackie Stone, a Giving With  Purpose student, explained the impact of the course on her family.  “Giving With Purpose inspired us to more than double our giving, funding  the things we have helped before, checking in with three favorite  institutions and improving their capacity.” The course encourages  students to study needs in their communities and think of their  charitable gifts as investments.

Students can register for Giving With Purpose on  Classes begin on April 2. Nonprofit nominations may be submitted through  midnight (EST) on April 8.

About the Learning by Giving Foundation

The Learning by Giving Foundation seeks to advance the next generation’s  understanding of philanthropy by providing the financial, technological,  and intellectual tools to experience community impact and to make that  knowledge widely accessible through an online forum. Doris Buffett  created the first Learning by Giving Foundation program in 2003 and has  since partnered with over 35 colleges and universities around the  country. Each class receives a $10,000 grant for the students to  distribute to local nonprofit organizations. The Foundation launched  Giving With Purpose, a free online philanthropy course, in 2013. Over  10,000 people took the first course and distributed $130,000 to 40  nonprofit organizations.

Source: Learning by Giving Foundation (via Business Wire)

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