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Gov’t Chooses Three Forest Paths on Jeju as Open Tourist Sites

The Saryeoni Forest Path in Jeju Island (Yonhap)

The Saryeoni Forest Path in Jeju Island (Yonhap)

JEJU, May 14 (Korea Bizwire)Three forest paths on Jeju Island, South Korea’s most popular vacation destination, have been designated by the government as ‘open tourist sites’ that ensure access to all.

Open tourist sites ensure the right of access for persons with disabilities, seniors, families with infant babies, and other vulnerable groups by renovating local facilities to allow for safe, convenient travel without any limitations to accessibility.

Preliminary Open Tourist Sites refer to locations where renovations are currently underway.

The provincial government of Jeju Island announced Wednesday that three tourist sites chosen by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism this year were on the island.

They include the Seogwipo Forest of Healing, Bulgeun Oreum Natural Recreation Forest, and the Saryeoni Forest Pathway.

The Seogwipo Forest of Healing stretches across 11 kilometers, and is located in Hogeun-dong, Seogwipo city, where mats made from the bark of palm trees and a wood pathway are surrounded by hinoki and cedar trees, making it a perfect spot for a walk.

The Bulgeun Oreum Natural Recreation Forest consists of various trails and resting areas. There are various routes available for visitors, including an eco-adventure course and forest path.

The Saryeoni Forest Path is among the 31 secret beauties of Jeju Island, a walking trail wooded with cedar trees that starts at the Bijarim Road and passes through Mulchat and Saryeoni hills.

The forest is home to various trees, including cedar, Konara oak, hornbeam, snowbell, and hinoki, as well as animals such as badgers and Jeju weasels.

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