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Gunsan’s Craft Beer and Blues Festival Brews a Blend of Local Flavors and Music


GUNSAN, Jun. 20 (Korea Bizwire) – The city of Gunsan in South Korea is gaining recognition as the nation’s craft beer capital, drawing attention to its upcoming Gunsan Brews & Blues Festival.

The event showcases Gunsan’s unique approach to brewing, utilizing locally produced malt from start to finish – from cultivating the grains to fermenting the beer. 

A distinguishing feature of Gunsan’s craft beers is the use of Gunsan Malt, which is produced using local barley and results in a rich, foamy brew with a robust aroma, allowing drinkers to savor the authentic flavors of traditional beer. 

Since its inception in 2022, the Gunsan Brews & Blues Festival has steadily grown in popularity among locals and tourists alike.

From its first year, the festival witnessed long queues and food stalls overwhelmed with orders, quickly running out of ingredients – a testament to its soaring popularity.

Beyond the opportunity to sample craft beers, the festival distinguishes itself by featuring performances from top blues musicians in South Korea, a unique offering among beer festivals.


This year, the 2024 Gunsan Brews & Blues Festival will take place from June 21 to 23 at the Gunsan Modern History Museum and its surrounding areas.

Under the slogan “Enjoy the Real Korean Beer in Gunsan, the Craft Beer Capital of South Korea,” the festival promises a diverse array of local fusion content, capturing nationwide attention.

Last year’s event was a resounding success, attracting over 19,700 visitors and garnering participation requests from Taiwanese sister city breweries, local small businesses, hotels, and related organizations and companies.

Building on this momentum, Gunsan plans to expand the participation of local small business food booths, hotels, companies, and food brands for promotional opportunities during the festival.

Additionally, the city aims to encourage festival-goers to explore the downtown area for entertainment after the 10 p.m. conclusion of the performances, fostering growth and synergy among local industries.

The festival will feature dazzling live performances by 16 domestic and international blues bands, as well as craft beers made with locally sourced Gunsan Malt. Craft beer companies from Gunsan’s sister cities in China, Japan, and Taiwan will also participate.


To enhance the festival’s global image and position Gunsan as one of Asia’s top three beer cities, the city is in discussions to facilitate mutual exchange and participation with the Qingdao Beer Festival in China and the Sapporo Beer Festival in Japan.

Kim Mi-jeong, the director of Gunsan’s Food Policy Division, stated, “We are striving to establish a solid city brand associated with craft beer in Gunsan, while also promoting the industrialization of regional specialty liquor products linked to agriculture. To achieve this, we are diligently exploring diverse storytelling opportunities and promotional marketing strategies.” 

Mayor Kang Imjune emphasized, “Gunsan’s malt and craft beer story is gaining recognition as an excellent model for the simultaneous growth of related industries such as agriculture, accommodation, tourism, and food. This year’s festival, the third of its kind, will be developed as a unique local content, transcending its status as a representative festival of South Korea to become one of Asia’s top three beer festivals.”

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