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‘Heatherwick Studio: Shaping Emotions’ Exhibition Showcases the Visionary Works of Thomas Heatherwick

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SEOUL, June 28 (Korea Bizwire) — ‘Heatherwick Studio: Shaping Emotions,’ an extraordinary exhibition showcasing the works of Thomas Heatherwick, a visionary designer and architect of the 20th century often hailed as the Leonardo da Vinci of Britain for his imaginative concepts and creative designs. This captivating exhibition will take place from June 29 to September 6 at Culture Station Seoul 284.

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Featuring 30 iconic design works meticulously crafted by Heatherwick Studio, which was established by Thomas Heatherwick in 1994, the exhibition offers a comprehensive glimpse into the studio’s remarkable portfolio.

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From the globally acclaimed UK Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo in 2010, which propelled Thomas Heatherwick’s designs into the international spotlight, to noteworthy projects like Little Island, an enchanting artificial island park in New York City, Bayview, the awe-inspiring new headquarters of the tech giant Google, the redesigned London double-decker buses, and the innovative Soundscape model proposed for the redevelopment of Noddle Island on the Han River in Seoul, the exhibition presents an array of drawings, sketch notes, idea models, test samples, architectural models, and physical 3D prints and prototypes created by the studio for each project.

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Furthermore, the exhibition delves into Heatherwick’s inventive ideas for design and architecture through captivating videos and media, exploring the genesis and process behind his projects as well as the profound impact and influence of the final products. Immerse yourself in this unique experience, akin to stepping into the creative realm of Thomas Heatherwick’s studio.

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Image credit: Yonhap / photonews@koreabizwire.com

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