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History Education Website Cites VANK Videos

SEOUL, Jun. 19 (Korea Bizwire)The Voluntary Agency Network of Korea (VANK for short), an internet-based South Korean organization that aims to correct discrepancies or inaccuracies related to Korean history and geography, said that the famed online history reference Ancient History Encyclopedia (AHE) has cited three videos produced by VANK on Korean ancient history.

AHE’s content on Korea’s three kingdoms of Goguryeo (www.ancient.edu/Goguryeo), Baekje (www.ancient.eu/Baekje) and Silla (www.ancient.eu/Silla) as well as the Silla Queen Seondeok (www.ancient.eu/Queen_Seondeok) have links to external videos that VANK had previously uploaded on YouTube.

The Korean history content was written by Mark Cartwright, an Italian historian and publishing director of AHE.

AHE’s segment on Goguryeo (BC 37 – AD 668) features a video 4 minutes and 19 seconds long produced by VANK with a tagline that reads “powerful kingdom in ancient Northeast Asia.”

The website’s section on Baekje (BC 18 – AD 660) links VANK’s YouTube video just under 5 minutes in duration explaining how the state helped spread civilization to Japan.

AHE’s webpage on the Silla Dynasty (BC 57 – AD 935) introduces Cheomseongdae, Seokguram, and other famous artifacts and people from the period.

AHE is an online history education website based in London. Last year alone, over 19.4 million people visited the website.

In 2016, AHE won the .eu Web Award and is currently cooperating with a number of educational organizations and institutions such as UNESCO and EUROCLIO to provide high quality history education and sources.

VANK founder Park Gi-tae said that AHE’s use of VANK content was the result of digital efforts to help promote South Korean history overseas.

“I think this will play a big role in helping foreign youth learn about Korean history accurately,” said Park.

VANK has uploaded over 500 videos on Korean history since March 2009. The videos have recorded 6.52 million hits and are being utilized as education materials all around the globe.

Ashley Song (ashley@koreabizwire.com)

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