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Households with Fewer Members and Larger Homes Have More Per-capita Water Consumption: Study

(image: Pxfuel)

(image: Pxfuel)

SEOUL, Aug. 19 (Korea Bizwire)Households with fewer members but occupying larger homes typically consume more water per capita, a study indicated Thursday.

Seoul Waterworks Authority released the result of its analysis on the change in the use of tap water depending on the characteristics of households and residences.

The study analyzed the amount of water used by 130,419 households that are members of the city’s energy-saving citizen participation program, while using the Seoul Water Authority’s water meter data.

The analysis showed that among households in Seoul, single-person households recorded the largest per-capita water consumption of 276 liters on a daily average basis.

Following them were two-person households with 210 liters, three-person households with 174 liters, four-person households with 152 liters and six-person households with 127 liters.

The daily average per-capita water consumption for four-person households was about 45 percent less than that of single-person households.

The institute suggested that households with more members have slower growth in per-capita water consumption due to lower per-person use of water for laundry, dishwashing and cleaning.

In addition, the analysis also found that households with larger homes have more water consumption.

On the basis of four-person households, the ones with a residential floor space of 33 to 66 square meters consume 598 liters of water on a daily average basis, while the households with a residential floor space of more than 132.3 square meters consume 648 liters.

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