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Hyundai Group’s Commercial on Power of Positive

Two positive ideas meet, collide, and combine into a new, bigger idea.

This is where true creativeness begins.

It doesn’t matter if they seek different ways or have opposing aims.

It is good as long as they are positive in their outlook on the future.

Be positive more often and let more good ideas meet together.

Being positive is the starting point for creativity.

SEOUL, Korea, Oct 22 (Korea Bizwire) – Hyundai Group has released a corporate commercial message on the power of positive attitude. Launched on October 5, the commercial contains two core messages: creative fusion and challenge spirit.

Earlier in June this year, the group had introduced a musical-like commercial “Let’s sing together a world of hopes. Tomorrow will be full of positive energy.”

The latest video clip delivers the message that we can create new things only when we meet, collide, and combine different ideas without being afraid of dissenting voices. Let’s be positive and that will be the energy to take us to the future.

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