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Hyundai Motor Develops ‘Quality Air’ Technology

SEOUL, July 28 (Korea Bizwire)Hyundai Motor Co., South Korea’s top automaker, announced on Monday the development of ‘Quality Air’ technology to keep the air inside its vehicles fresh.

The new developments, which consist of ‘After Blow Technology,’ ‘Multi Air Mode Technology,’ and ‘Fine Dust Indicator Technology,’ will be included in Hyundai’s new vehicles on a selective basis.

Hyundai leveraged the new technologies to develop an innovative air-conditioning system for vehicles.

“As consumers are increasingly concerned with hygiene and cleanliness, we developed a new air-conditioning system to improve the quality of air in vehicles,” the company said.

The After Blow system prevents unpleasant odors by drying the condensate water in the evaporator, which often is the cause of bacteria and bad odor.

After the engine is turned off, the blower activates for 30 minutes to dry the condensate water in the evaporator.

The Multi Air Mode Technology makes the indoor environment more comfortable with a gentle air flow created by micro multi air holes.

If the driver turns on the Multi Air mode, the multi air slots installed in the driver’s seat and the passenger seat offer a subtle indirect breeze.

The Fine Dust Indicator system indicates the indoor fine dust level through the center fascia LCD display by checking the quality of air in real-time. If the fine dust level is high, the air-cleaning mode automatically activates.

The new technologies will be applied to new vehicles from Hyundai Motor, its independent brand Genesis and its affiliate Kia Motors Corp.

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