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Hyundai Motor Kicks Off Self-driving Robot Delivery Service


SEOUL, Dec. 15 (Korea Bizwire)Hyundai Motor Group announced the development of a next-generation delivery service robot on the basis of its electrification and self-driving technologies and launched a demonstration of the self-driving robot delivery service.

Hyundai said Wednesday that the demonstration will be conducted at two sites, including a residential-commercial complex in Suwon and a hotel in Hwaseong, both in Gyeonggi Province.

The robot was developed based on the company’s Plug & Drive (PnD) modular platform L7, an all-in-one mobility solution that combines intelligent steering, braking, in-wheel electric drive and suspension hardware.


In a given environment, the robot can find the optimal route and deliver products. It naturally avoids obstacles without stopping, indicating an improvement in the speed and safety compared to existing service robots.

The robot also can store and load items since a space storage unit is connected on top of the PnD module.

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