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Hyundai Motors Renews Kids’ Auto Park

1kids011kidsSEOUL, Sept. 9 (Korea Bizwire)-Hyundai Motors Group announced that it has held a renewal opening of its’Kids’ Auto Park’ located inside Seoul Children’s Park.

‘Kids’ Auto Park’ is an education facility that teaches children about road safety.

Cars suitable for children from ages six to 10 are featuredto elevate the quality of the education. Characters that are friendly and familiar to children, like Chanchani, Salpimi, Wachika and Engi are set up throughout the facility.

The Kids’ Auto Park is a public service provided through a collaboration of the government, a corporate sponsor and an NGO. The city government provided the space for the park, Hyundai built the facility and the Citizen’s Coalition for Safety developed the education program.

Officials from Hyundai Motors say that the Kids’ Auto Park has an experience-based curriculum which will serve as an educational venue for road safety.


 Photo Credit: Hyundai Motors

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