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Incheon Pulls Out All the Stops for Massive Group of Chinese Tourists


INCHEON, March 16 (Korea Bizwire) –  The city of Incheon is getting busy to prepare for a gigantic group of 6,000 Chinese visitors.

According to Incheon city officials, 6,000 employees from Chinese cosmetics company Aurance Group will visit Incheon from March 27 to April 2. The Chinese group will be the largest number of tourists to visit Incheon at once, apart from visitors entering the area by cruise ship.

Thus far, 4,696 people have booked their flights, and another 1,000 are in the process of getting their tickets.


Due to the massive number of visitors, records are being broken as officials prepare for the event.

To host a ‘chicken and beer party’ for 4,500 Chinese guests, 1,500 chickens will be prepared. Incheon signed an agreement with a local chicken franchise to supply the colossal amount of chicken, and 50 stores from all over Incheon will provide the chicken on the day of the event.

The landfill near Wolmi Island will be used as a temporary parking lot to provide the 140 tour buses with the parking space they need.

Aurance Group will be holding a corporate conference at Songdo Convensia. When organizers realized that it would be impossible to find a dining hall capable of accommodating 6,000 people, officials came up with the idea to use the parking lot as a dining hall. The parking lot will be transformed into a fancy restaurant with the help of banners, bright lights and other decorations.


More than 1,500 rooms at 26 hotels in Incheon will provide accommodation to the visitors.

Incheon officials are thrilled as the tourists have chosen to stay in the area during their visit instead of going to Seoul. The economic spinoffs are expected to reach 12 billion won as the Chinese visitors will spend money on accommodation, dining and shopping.

Incheon is planning to provide the highest quality of service to secure its place as a center for corporate group tours among Chinese businesses.

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