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Jaurim Has Come Back with New Songs for Young Souls

How big is your apartment,

Engine size of your cars,

Balance in your bank account,

These are far from his idea of future dreams.

He begins to think his life is worthless.

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct 18 (Korea Bizwire) — Jaurim, the four-member rock band, has come back with a new album “Goodbye Grief” in more two years after releasing their sixth one “Conspiracy Theory” in August 2011. The title song “Twenty Five, Twenty One” is for those young men and women in their 20s and 30s who strive to work hard but can’t seem to achieve what they want. The voice of the lead singer Kim Yoon-Ah is still powerful but soothing to those young souls who are struggling in their everyday life.

The members of Jaurim, meaning “Purple Rainforest” in Korean, said they took a lot of time to think about what today’s young people feel about their lives and tried hard to reflect in the lyrics the fans’ voices as much as possible through their Facebook and Twitter accounts. The song “Twenty Five, Twenty One” is in a way the outcome of this collective effort, Jaurim members said.

All other songs in the “Goodbye Grief” album portray the life of ordinary youths who turn 30 after spending turbulent 20s. These are in effect 11 different episodes, rather than 11 songs, of young people living the hard time. If you think you are one of those young souls frustrated by the harsh reality although full of aspiration, you will definitely feel strong empathy from the song lyrics.

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