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Jecheon Succeeds in Cultivating Bananas


JECHEON, March 22 (Korea Bizwire)Bananas, a sub-tropical fruit, are now being grown in the central city of Jecheon, North Chungcheong Province, famous for its cold winter weather.

Some 50 banana trees cultivated in a greenhouse operated by the Jecheon Agricultural Technology Center have all borne fruit.

The center harvested four bunches of bananas last year, all of which were too small to be sold in the commercial market.

Three years ago, the center planted three kinds of banana trees across 330 square meters of land inside the greenhouse to provide a new source of income for local farmers.


Once the sub-tropical smart farm is complete, the center plans to grow 18 additional sub-tropical fruits including mangos and papayas. 

Image Credit: Jecheon Agricultural Technology Center /

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