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Job Seekers Struggle with Expenses as Consumer Prices Peak


SEOUL, March 21 (Korea Bizwire)With consumer prices continuing to rise, college students and job seekers are increasingly struggling with living expenses and education fees.

Recently, a growing number of secondhand textbooks and online course vouchers are being exchanged on online second-hand platforms and online college communities.

“I can’t do anything about rising food costs, so I am trying to work on cutting other expenses,” said a 23-year-old job seeker surnamed Jeong, who purchased six college textbooks from a secondhand store.


Some people are now coming up with a list of the pros and cons of various textbooks to compare them before making purchases.

“Nowadays, I always ask myself if I really need this book. It takes a lot more time for me to buy a book,” said a 24-year-old job seeker surnamed Lee.

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