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KAIST Develops Innovative Electronic Skin for Robots

(image: Pixabay)

(image: Pixabay)

SEOUL, Oct. 28 (Korea Bizwire)The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has developed an electronic skin that can measure pressure with more sensitivity than human skin, and with a larger measurement area.

KAIST said Thursday that researchers had developed a new electronic skin designed to be used on robots. Compared to human skin, the electronic skin is 97 percent more sensitive and has a 262.5 percent larger pressure measurement area.

The research team proved that the newly-developed electronic skin can be used for applications that require higher sensitivity, such as pulse measurement, and applications that require a larger sensing area, such as weight measurement.

Existing high-sensitivity pressure sensors are limited in that they have a narrow pressure sensing range, while conventional broad-range pressure sensing sensors lag in terms of sensitivity.

The new sensor was developed by compounding gallium and polymer to change the degree of sensitivity and the range of pressure sensing depending on temperature.

By maximizing sensor uniformity and reproducibility, the research team improved the confidence of the contact-type electronic skin.

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