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Korea Debates Queer Culture Festival

From 2014 Korea Queer Culture Festival. (image: Wikimedia)

From 2014 Korea Queer Culture Festival. (image: Wikimedia)

SEOUL, June 2 (Korea Bizwire) – A court debate took place Monday over this year’s Korea Queer Culture Festival, which has been planned for June 11 at Seoul Plaza. 

A court questioning session was arranged after an injunction was filed for ‘lewd public performance’ by a Seoul citizen referred to only as Kim, who has been identified as an associate of a radical Christian group in Korea. Kim claimed that he witnessed last year’s festival, which he alleges displayed wildly sexual behaviors with naked participants, with his children. Although he insists he has no opposition to the festival itself, he says he was compelled to ask for legal intervention to stop the lewd public actions. 

“There was a case last year where the prosecutors’ office suspended the indictments for some of the naked participants. I will gather evidence of such public displays at this year’s festival and report to the police,” said Kim. 

The festival committee argued, however, that it only hosts the event, and has no control over the tens of thousands of people who join the festival.

“Such lewd behavior is highly unlikely to take place. And even if it does, each case is an individual matter,” said the committee. “We have been informing the participants not to take part in such public behavior. And with crowds of police, who will also be observing the festival, Kim’s concerns are far-fetched.

The justice department released the following statement: There are elements of the festival that may bring feelings of embarrassment to certain members of the public. However, there are limitations to holding the organizing committee legally responsible for the actions of some participants. Also, it is a matter of consideration as to Kim’s right to request the ban on the festival.

The department plans to conclude the matter by June 9.

By Joseph Shin (jss539@koreabizwire.com)

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